I stumbled across this amazing side benefit of doing Healing Codes somewhere along the way early on, and have been using it ever since.

The great, under-publicized benefit of The Healing Codes is that you can heal other people just from doing your own Healing Codes!

Yes, you can intentionally do a Healing Code for other people. (Here’s an article on how to do that.) But you can also just release your own Healing Codes to other people. I have been releasing my own Healing Codes to my husband, children, clients and others for a number of years now. I am always amazed at the changes I see in others.

One of my clients wrote me recently this: “You had told me that we can release the energy from our own Healing Codes to others, so I started just releasing mine to my husband and all my kitties. Hubby works such long hours, he just didn’t have the time to do Codes. He had developed a trigger finger and just last night, I asked him about it and he told me it was gone.’Really? Why didn’t you tell me that?!’ That’s a big deal from me doing the Codes for him and releasing them to him! And he’s a chiropractor and unfortunately, because his job is so physical (he is 70 after all), he had a lot of back pain too. Well, back pain was all gone a while ago.”

The scientific explanation has to do with something called “quantum entanglement.”

You see, our thoughts, ideas, and personality are all real, but they don’t reside in any literal physical space. These intangible qualities are “quantum information” energy, or QI. Sometimes, say scientists, your QI gets intertwined with other QI. This is the process known scientifically as quantum entanglement. Because we are “entangled” with those we are close to emotionally, we affect them and they affect us. You’ve heard the old saying, “More is caught than taught.” That’s true–because of this unconscious, automatic exchange of quantum information.

When we heal ourselves, the nature of the relationship also changes. I picture invisible connections with our loved ones that can be intentionally used to pass on our own healing to them.

It’s very simple. Here’s what I do: When finished with my own Healing Code, I simply say, “I release the full effects of this healing to [names], in love, insofar as this issue affects them.” I often open my hands in a releasing gesture as well though I don’t think it’s necessary.

The key phrase is, “insofar as this issue affects them.” If there’s no energetic connection, they won’t be affected. If there is, your healing will expand to them.

Very wonderful. And don’t worry that saying “the full effects,” will diminish your own healing. Energy is not like matter. With matter, you have only so much, and if you give away some of yours, you have less. But with energy, it just expands, especially when mixed with love. Love is the most expansive force in the universe!

Try it! Release your own Healing Codes to those who are close to you. Especially be sure to do it when you are working on a issue that involves another person. Then share your results below!

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