• How to Prevent a Painful Event from Becoming a Trauma

    Does every painful event that happens to us inevitably become a trauma? The good news is: NO! To understand how this can be--and more importantly, to prevent a life event from becoming a trauma--you need to understand why and how  something becomes a trauma. Trauma and UDINS I've written before about life events that become [...]
  • META-Health_Wheel_EN_complete

    Symptoms as Signs of Regeneration–Not Disease?

    Here's a totally different view of symptoms than I've ever heard. If it's accurate, it turns everything about the way we think of illness and disease on its head. Most of all, it gives great hope to anyone who has been diagnosed with a disease or condition. This comes from an interview with Dr. Craig Weiner from the Autoimmune [...]
  • anatomy2

    What Your Body Knows

    I just had a conversation with Dr. Alex Loyd about how the body really heals when you use energy medicine. Energy tools such as The Healing Codes and HALO Light Systems allow the body to decide how to heal. The Healing Codes do this by removing the unconscious stress from the body that comes from unhealed negative memories, feelings and [...]
  • swirling universe

    A Healing Love Picture

    In my healing work with clients, a key practice is to focus on a Truth Focus Statement or a Love Picture that counters the negative pictures in the heart and/or the lies that have lodged there. (By "heart" I mean the inner person--conscious and unconscious parts.) What we are doing is replacing the false, negative images and beliefs with [...]
  • hand holding light

    How Your Healing Codes Can Help Others

    I stumbled across this amazing side benefit of doing Healing Codes somewhere along the way early on, and have been using it ever since. The great, under-publicized benefit of The Healing Codes is that you can heal other people just from doing your own Healing Codes! Yes, you can intentionally do a Healing Code for other people. (Here's [...]
  • triggers and tuning forks

    Triggers and Tuning Forks

    When something happens in your outer world, it can rock your inner world in unexpected ways. That's what we call "getting triggered." Anything can be a trigger, but certain events and times of the year can be triggers to many people. For instance, Superstorm Sandy (2012) triggered all sorts of things for my clients. I have a whole [...]
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    How Heart Issues are Like Bamboo

    When I discovered how bamboo grows, I thought it an apt image both for how heart issues develop AND how they heal. Knowing how heart issues are like bamboo may help you both understand the healing process and be more patient with it. Bamboo's growth starts underground, where the rhizome system that supports the canes are developed. For [...]
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    How the Body Heals: Two Views

    Which view of the body do you hold? Mechanical View The body is like a machine. Constant use eventually wears it out. Things start to malfunction, and then you need to get in there and either replace the parts or alter the internal structure somehow (usually through medications) to alleviate bothersome symptoms. That's what healing [...]