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What Are the Healing Codes?

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    How Healing Codes Coaching Will Speed Your Progress with Any Health, Relationship or Success Issue

     There’s a simple path to healing any health, relationship or success issue—by healing the Source of your issue with The Healing Codes.

    Have you tried every healing approach—therapy, alternative medicine, conventional medicine, energy healing—yet STILL find healing elusive?

    Chances are, it’s because none of these approaches get at the SOURCE of all issues.

    It’s the unconscious negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and painful memories that are the true source of those stubborn issues you can’t seem to heal no matter how hard you try.

    King Solomon, 3000 years ago, called them “heart issues.” He said, “Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow all the issues of life.”

    Did you get that? ALL the issues of life have the same source—the heart!

    Of course, he’s referring not to the physical heart (although there’s fascinating research about the electrical and energetic output from the physical heart), but to the spiritual “heart.”

    Modern science tells us that these memories, images and beliefs are stored not only in the brain, but in every cell of your body.

    And if these memories carry a “negative charge,” they are sending stress signals into your cells.

    And that can lead to all kinds of problems. Estimates vary from 80-98% of illnesses are somehow related to stress.

    THAT’S why you haven’t been able to heal some of those stubborn issues—you haven’t been using the right tool to deal with the real problem!

    Now you CAN have the right tool, and know how to go to the right problem—and finally experience true healing of just about any health, relationship or success issue.

    Because when you heal the source, you finally, truly heal!

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    Enhancements and Recommendations

    Want to Get the Most Out of The Healing Codes? Check out my picky reviews of the few things that will truly enhance and speed your healing.

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    Relationship Issues Finder

    Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Find out here:

    Could High Sensitivity Be the Missing Puzzle Piece in Understanding Yourself?

    Have you felt misunderstood much if not all all of your life, and/or like you don’t fit in?

    Do you feel you have a more finely -tuned nervous system than most people?

    If so, you might be part of the 15-20% of the population with the trait of being Highly Sensitive.

    What does this mean?

    First, please note that High Sensitivity in this sense is an inborn trait, found in approximately 20% of more than 100 species, not just humans.

    Dr. Elaine Aron, whose book,  The Highly Sensitive Person and research put High Sensitivity on the map, delineates 4 characteristics of High Sensitivity, for which she uses the acronym DOES. The distinctives  include:

    1.) Depth of Processing. You take in more information, from your five senses and also unconsciously and energetically, and you process it more deeply in your brain than “the other 80%.” Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) may be Extraverted (approximately 30% of all HSPs), meaning they get their energy from being with people and from lots of outside stimulation—yet they also need to process all that deeply and need a break from the stimulation as well. Introverted HSPs (70% or so) recharge from being alone and reflecting, and they absolutely need this time to function optimally.

    2) Easily Overstimulated. Because HSPs take in so much, it’s easy to get overstimulated. This can be felt as anxiousness or shyness. What’s really happening is the nervous system is getting overloaded and the optimal level of arousal is exceeded. Our extremely stimulating world can present a real challenge to  HSPs who don’t realize what’s really going on with their nervous systems. It’s an especial challenge to Highly Sensitive Extroverts, who are drawn to interact with people and the world, but then get overstimulated.

    3.) Emotionally reactive and Empathetic. The parts of the brain that register emotion are more active in HSPs, and they are more emotionally responsive to everything. Also, they are more empathetic. Many HSPs can actually feel what someone else is feeling as if it were happening to them. They can also take on other people’s energy, if they don’t know how to deal with this. (I have techniques I teach my HSP clients that help greatly with this.)

    4.) Awareness of Subtle Stimuli. HSPs pick up on subtleties in the environment that other people do not. They are often more sensitive to temperature, the feel of clothing on their skin, loud noises, smells, subtle changes in the environment, etc. This is part of what can lead to the overstimulation—HSPs just take in more.

    All of these characteristics can be great strengths—if you know how to work with them. However, much in our environment and upbringing goes against what an HSP needs to thrive.

    Understanding what it means to be Highly Sensitive,  healing the wounds, and learning to thrive as an HSP has been one of the most transforming experiences of my life. I find many of my clients are Highly Sensitive, and I (as an HSP married to and HSP and mother to an HSP son) am passionate about helping others who have this trait to heal and thrive.

    For more information specifically about High Sensitivity  and healing, sign up here.

    What Clients Say About Diane’s Healing Codes Coaching

    Certified HALO Wellness Coach

    Have you heard of HALO Biophotonic Therapy?

    HALO and Healing Codes go hand in hand, each enhancing the other. Here’s how:

    The Healing Codes REMOVE the “heart issues” that block your healing.

    Then HALO puts INTO your body the botanical energies the body  needs to heal quickly and thoroughly.

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